About Us



We take immense pride and pleasure in introducing us as India’s maiden online hiring platform. As the name suggests, HYR Online – a peerless startup typically is a next-generation online portal where we connect people who would like to give their products on a rental basis and people who are looking for products to hire!

To all intents and purposes – we are turning to an online marketplace that connects hirer and hiree and our products catalog will be expanding eternally as we grow.

HYR Online is inherently launched to redefine and disrupt the hiring industry big time! Based out of the booming economic hub of Coimbatore, HYR Online reaches out to the masses through a range of forward-looking, innovative, and mutually exclusive online rental business model. Our revolutionary endeavor is sculpting the consumer-to-consumer (C2C) rental market segment in the country that did not exist earlier.


At HYR Online, we are transforming the online hiring industry segment with our singular, groundbreaking approach by letting you find your needs in just a few clicks. The way it works is straightforward – let us know your demands, and we will connect you with a network of authentic individuals who offer what you need. It is absolutely easy to browse, compare and click through your perfect match for renting.


Online rental businesses are on the rise across the globe. The trend lately of renting/hiring rather than buying is changing the face of the reverse commerce industry. In this critical time of economic slowdown, people choose to rent as it is a more cost-effective and uncomplicated method to use resources. From gadgets to gears, travel equipment to automobiles, apparel to fashion needs, anything to everything, and accessible to everyone – we are connecting people throughout the advanced and reliable online platform. We safely connect individuals to individuals in the online global marketplace allowing hirer and hiree to have smooth dealing, with no intermediary party whatsoever.


We are much more than a team of individuals, a family to be precise! Though differing by through the process, we as a family converge at an exclusive point of offering a seamless, responsible, and hassle-free experience to our customers. We thrive on an unambiguous philosophy of offering ANYTHING to EVERYTHING to EVERYONE, incontestably on a rental basis!


We will strive to earn the loyalty of clients by delivering just what they expect of us. We will offer transparent, dependable, and friendly service for free of cost. Besides, we always think out of the box to offer over-the-top personalized services to our clients.


Through sheer dedication, commitment, creativity, reliability, and passion, we will perpetually work towards turning the brand HYR Online into a household name in the hiring/rental market place – nationally. To be the leading customer-conscious hire/rental company that understands and satisfies the clients in any and every possible way.


  • We strive to expand our business relationships primarily based on transparency.
  • We strongly believe that accountability strengthens our business model.
  • Each one of us at HYR Online is responsible for our words, actions, and results.
  • We build confidence through responsible actions and truthful relationships.
  • We are problem solvers and we always put customers first.
  • We love embracing innovation to help our customers.
  • At HYR Online, we as a family care for each other and we always got each other back.
  • We continuously improve and always focus on how we can function more effectively